Fearless and Worthless Predictions

Today, the granddaddy of them all to quote the beloved Keith Jackson, the WC starts.  Think of it as a month of Super Bowls.  But who will lift the most coveted trophy on Earth (outside of the Oscar for Best Costume Design) on July 9 in Berlin?  That is the type of information you can find anywhere (hint Brazil), but not what concerns me.  For I'm truly enamored with who will finish 3rd.  For in the WC the most meaningless game of them all, besides any Cubs or Royals game from April 24th on, is still played.  The unspirited and downright cruel 3rd place game will take place on July 8th in Stuggart. 

Remember all the excitement of Turkey-S.Korea 4 years ago or Croatia-Netherlands from France '98?  Well, get ready to relive all the hearstopping excitement of watching professional athletes who's very dreams were squashed only days earlier play for the bronze.  And unfortunately for all those hardcore and hard-hitting English fans out there, I believe it is their destiny to finish 3rd by soundly beating the Netherlands 2-0.  A pity for the Orange Army who will once again clear off the mantle for the 4th place trophy.

In other WC news, beware of Poland.  Their goalkeeping looks a bit shaky to put it mildly as evidenced by this YouTube clip from a friendly against Columbia a week ago. 


As for tonight's match-ups, I think Germany will edge Costa Rica 2-1 purely by playing on 4 years worth of adrenaline and an unhinged, wild home crowd in Munich.  While Poland destroyed Ecuador 3-0 in a friendly late last year, that is about as meaningful as a regular season NBA game.  I'm going with 1-1 draw in a tense, defensive, boring game.  (I so hope I'm wrong about this).  But nobody wants to lose a their 1st game.   

Tomorrow will be a viewer's guide to the Group phase.  What games to watch and what games to avoid at all costs.  What category will IranAngola be in?  Talk to you soon. 

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4 Comments on “Fearless and Worthless Predictions”

  1. World B. Free Says:

    Third Place Game Pointless??? Don’t try telling that to the countless number of South Korean stabbing victims that had the misfortune of sitting in front of a Turk!

  2. World B. Free Says:

    At the end of today we will be halfway through the first games, give us your Top 10 players for those 16 Teams.

  3. flair2 Says:

    In no particular order here are my top 10 players so far:

    Robben-Netherlands wonder wing was dominant.
    Marquez-unreal game from Mexican captain, he was everywhere
    Klose- German striker scored 2, held ball up well and seemed dangerous throughout
    Hislop-TNT keeper had game of his life
    Frings-Ballack who? Torsten dominated Ticos.
    Drogba-Ivory Coast striker was super active, even though I’m not a fan of his at all.
    Zinha-Mexican sub set-up goal with one pass and finished Iran with great header
    Riquelme-Argentina playmaker provides both passes for Crespo and Saviola goals
    Koroman-S&M sub was superb, like a Robben-lite
    Figo-He looked really dangerous at times, and didn’t disappear as he tends to do

  4. World B. Free Says:

    I think you have to include Nelson Valdez from Paraguay on this list, didn’t score but he was everywhere against England.

    I did not get to see the first 70 minutes of the Netherlands game today so cannot comment on Robben. Riquelme has impressed me the most. Drogba worked his butt off. Everyone in the stadium knows that Wanchope is Costa Rica’s only option but still nets 2.

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