The Men in the suits are always cool!!!

I have no idea what the above line means, but that was how the BBC commentator described those sitting in the luxury boxes at the NetherlandsS&M game.  But it seems to sum up Day 3.  No need to get out the scrapbook for this.  And here are some musings from a day spent mostly on the couch watching the games.

Feel the passion:  Mexican chants of Ole ring the stadium as the Tri-Colors beat up Iran

Feel the passion:  Mexican goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez, whose father unexpectantly died on Thursday, tearily being mobbed by his teammates after the game

Missed Budweiser marketing opportunity:  Couldn't bikini clad girls sponge down Dutch coach Marco Van Basten on the sideline? Or at least a Q-tip chewing cornerman? 

S&M tactics:  This was the phrase that had all the BBC pundits laughing during the game, but same can't be said of S&M players (check out bottom half of article). Ouch. 

I don't have much else for today.  I did respond to some comments in previous posts. Time to get some sleep as tomorrow we make the 4 hour drive to Kaiserslautern for Japan-Australia.  Then we'll watch the USA game somewhere in K-town.  Hoping for a great atmosphere since about 40,000 Americans live in and around K-town.  Enjoy the games. 

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2 Comments on “The Men in the suits are always cool!!!”

  1. World B. Free Says:

    Today was sort of a blah day overall. Missed the first 70 minutes of Dutch v Serbians, never really felt like the Iranians were in it and Portugal was frustrating, seemed to turn it off and on throughout the match. Whats your thoughts on the US tomorrow? I think that not only are Czechs more talented but getting to play in Europe is a huge advantage – do you realize how bad non-European Teams fare in Europe (besides Brazil)? During today’s Mexico match they said that this was Mexico’s second win on European soil ever. Have a good team in Kaiserslaurten that game should be interesting, hearing some good things about Australia but find it hard to root for them.

    Until some of the better seeds start playing each other it is hard to tell who are the contenders/pretenders but here are my thoughts on the first 16:

    Sweden (I know they lost but they merely ran into a hot goalie, they should have won by 3)
    Spain (when they were on they looked like world beaters)
    England (people are forgetting that they did look pretty good in the first half, think Paraguay is pretty good as well)
    Ivory Coast
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Costa Rica

    Incomplete Score: Netherlands and S&M

  2. World B. Free Says:

    So are the Czechs that good or the US that bad? I think both. Quite honestly I have watched every US qualifier and friendly for the past 4 years and I thought at times they looked better than they have. 2 things stick out as always, they do not have a strong defense (at least this time Agoos wasn’t there to score a couple own goals) and do not have a world class finisher. Their lack of speed up front was evident, or maybe it was the fact that no one made any runs until Johnson came in.

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