The Burden of History

Curse this blasted technology.  Had just finished an entire post when it vanished into the ether like a sock from a dryer.  This is a hasty re-write because I need to leave to watch England-TNT game.  Apologies.  And congratulations to Germany and Ecuador, the first teams to qualify for the 2nd round courtesy of the Equatorians 3-0 thumping of Costa Rica.   

Day 6 witnessed the goal scoring prowess of Espana, a suprisingly good game in TunisiaSaudia Arabia and the inevietable German victory over luckless Poland.

Feel the passion:  German fans celebrate madly as stunned Polish fans trudge out of stadium like so many thousands of utterly dejected Charlie Browns. 

Stat you could make money off:  Germany has never lost an international match at Dortmund where they played poor Poland last night.   

Return of the Spanish Armada:  Spain wallops Ukraine 4-0 taking full advantage of some dubious officiating. 

Wonder what the TV ratings were in Wyoming?:  Saudia Arabia-Tunisia play entertaining 2-2 draw with Tunisia scoring in injury time to equalize. 

Terrible burden of history:  Downtrodden Poland has never beat Germany in a soccer match among all the other history between these neighbors.  And Germany "wins" the battle of the hooligans as well with 120 German idiots arrested to only 60 Polish idiots.

Now that all of the 32 teams have played at least 1 game in the WC, here is a quick overall view of the tourney.  The first 16 games had 39 goals scored which means teams are committed to playing attacking football.  Maybe the lighter ball is helping, but even the Italians managed to score 2 goals.  Sadly this trend does not apply to punchless France

2x2x2:  A shocking 6 players have scored at least 2 goals in a game:  Cahill (Aussie), Villa (Espana), Rosicky (Czech), Bravo (Mexico), Klose (Germany) and Wanchope (Costa Rico). 

Shadowplay:  Nefarious sun and shadows causing TV viewing problems especially in stadiums in Frankfurt and Leipzig. 

And here's a check on those 3 countries it is your Patriotic Duty to support (

Saudia Arabia:  Draws 2-2 with suscipious Tunisia so price of oil remains steady.  Drive your kids to soccer practice in SUV instead of Prius to celebrate. 

Australia:  America South vanquishes Japan 3-1.  Rent Crocodile Dundee to show support. 

USA!USA!:  Suffers ego-deflating reality Czech in 3-0 drubbing.  $55 million Pentagon report reveals Landon Donovan and Demarcus Beasley to be one-dimensional cutouts maufactured by Nike to sell soccer gear.  But all will be forgiven if they regroup and defeat Italy on Saturday. 

Enjoy the games. 

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2 Comments on “The Burden of History”

  1. Hup Oranje Hup Says:

    “Sadly this trend does not apply to punchless France. ”

    Sadly? Sadly??? Have you gone soft living so close to France?

  2. flair2 Says:

    I like Zidane and Henry. And what’s with Clockwork Oranje morphing into Italy? Get a goal and then defend, defend, defend. That’s a dangerous way to play. Especially when they look so good on the attack.

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