Quick, specific predictions for today's games featuring Group C, the 2nd toughest group of the WC (USA's group is a little stronger).

Argentina 2 S&M 0.  Argentina has simply too much skill for plucky Balkan country.  Look for the sublime Riquelme to assist on the 1st goal and then Argentina will score a 2nd on the counterattack as S&M push forward for equalizer. (I was WAY off on this one).

Ivory Coast 2 Netherlands 1.  Will be hailed as best game of tourney so far.  Teams will create plenty of scoring chance, but IC will ultimately prevail.  (I sincerely hope it's this fun). 

Mexico 3 Angola 1.  Mexico will prove too much for Angola and bring a smile to the face of their gruff, chain-smoking coach.   

Ye gods, Argentina puts on a master-class in 1st half and is completely dismantling S&M 3-0.  Their 2nd goal where they strung together 24 passes will go down in the annals of WC history.  Simply magnificent.  

Now on to Day 7 which featured more late goals courtesy of England and Sweden along with some WC history as Ecuador advances into final 16. 

Feel the passion:  Swedes and English fans erupt as their teams score late to secure vital wins.  I could watch Sweden celebrate all-day.   

Genuine Jockeys:  Underwear model and tireless runner Freddie Ljungberg's well-deserved goal in the 88th minute propels Sweden to win and sends Paraguay crashing out of WC. 

EnglaPool:  England starts 3 players from my favorite team, Liverpool.  Rewarded with 2-0 victory over TNT with two Liverpool players (Crouch and Gerrard) scoring late to put English into sweet 16.  A round of applause for the gallant lads from TNT who made England grind it out.

Global warming:  The mighty Equatorians dispatched Costa Rica 3-0 in impressive fashion.  South America's other yellow team is quietly becoming the side no one wants to play. 

Site of the day:  Two guys at the bar who repeatedly jumped out of their chairs and danced the robot mocking Peter Crouch's mistakes.  Crouch launced the robot craze in the build-up to the WC.  Here is a quick history of it. 


It is easily the worst coolest goal celebration ever and a pity he didn't do the robot after scoring against TNT.

Game on!!!!  Argentina has stamped their authority on the WC laying an absolute whipping 6-0 on S&M in a game that just ended. 

There will be no post tomorrow as we are headed to Kaiserslautern for USA-Italy.  I'm hoping the real USA will show up.  Until then, enjoy the games.   

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3 Comments on “EnglaPool”

  1. World B. Free Says:

    I’m sure Laua appreciates the Swedish fans comments. Have with the US, tomorrow we find out what they are made of.

  2. World B. Free Says:

    You have attended 2 of the best games of the tournament so far. I hope you had a ton of pics and stories for us tomorrow. Crowd sounded into – military must have helped

  3. JRock Says:

    Gee-Bear – great stuff, great reporting, I want more pics of Ukranian women, though. That’ll shame those lusty Swedes, I can guarantee you that…

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