Hope everyone enjoyed the WC.  After the group phase, I thought this might be remembered as one of the greatest World Cups in history, but the knockout stages did not live up to the hype.  As for the WC final, so much as been written and talked about that the “Zidane” as entered into popular culture.  It was an unreal moment.  Congrats to Italy, who were probably the best team throughout and took advantage of their breaks (Australia/Ukraine) to win it.  The winner is usually lucky and good, which is what the Italians were. 

The Third Leaf is on hiatus until August 9th where it will be revamped and turned into a daily blog concerned mainly with sports along with some travel and culture thrown into the mix.  Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting.  Spread the word about The Third Leaf and please check back in for the relaunch.  Enjoy. 

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3 Comments on “Update”

  1. JRock Says:

    Where’s my update, sucka?

  2. World B. Free Says:

    I think there was a typo in the last post – you wrote “August” but apparently meant “September”. Maybe you should hire a staff.

  3. Mb Says:

    Where is the update? We want to hear your random thoughts oh wise one of Brussels!!
    Hup and I are getting impatient.

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