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New Day for The Third Leaf

March 1, 2007

The Third Leaf has moved to  Enjoy the new site. 



June 10, 2006

We had our first summer day here in Brussels and people were everywhere outside watching the games.  And what a day!!! Eight goals and plenty of excitement.  Here are some quick thoughts on Day 1.

Kudos to German coach Jurgen Klinsmann's strategic ephinany.  Realizing he has zero World-Class defenders, he threw everything into attack.  Couple that with playing a shaky offside trap and you get a 4-2 game.  Wow, the German WC adventure will be fun and looks as if they are headed to an epic 9-6 loss in the quaterfinals. 

Poland-Ecuador was another surprisingly fun game.  More importantly, it sets up a mouthwatering must-win game for Poland vs Germany.   Here is my first-round viewing game:

June 11:  Portugal-Angola.  Former colony gets its chance at revenge.  This could be brutal.

June 12:  USA-Czech Republic  I think Czechs are ripe to be beaten. 

June 13:  Brazil-Croatia   Samba, soccer and goals aplenty.  Beautiful game at its finest when Brazil plays. 

June 14:  Germany-Poland  Just a wee bit of a history between these countries.  And now its a must-win game for Poland.  Biggest potential for hooliganism in 1st round. 

June 17:  USA-Italy  Can USA shock the world?

June 21:  Argentina-Netherlands  Two cup favorites clash.

June 22:  USA-Ghana   Hopefully it won't be a must-win game for USA.

One other thing.  Apparently FIFA has messed around with the ball a bit.  Supposedly its harder and lighter making it easier to hit and put spin on.  Germany did score two-long distance goals yesterday, maybe a sign of things to come. 

And finally, just what does a supermodel think about the WC?